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Top Five Reasons to Invest in Judobaby’s Founder

JUDOBABY has embarked upon it’s first Equity Crowdfunding campaign.  But Judobaby is not new to investing, and, raised over $4 Million during it’s humble beginnings from over 250 wonderful investors.  One key reasons people invest is because of the founder. Here are the top 5 reasons people invest in Judobaby’s founder Dan Mueller. Commitment:  One can have the … Continue reading

KickStarter Campaigners – Here’s What You Need to Know

KickStarter (KS) is a popular and well known tool for raising funds for your venture, but here’s what you need to know. IT’S ALL OR NOTHING KS is “all or nothing” because if you do not meet your funding goal, you get zip, nada, nothing.   IndieGoGo (IGG) is a bit better as it’s not … Continue reading

KickStarter & Equity CrowdFunding What Backers need to Know

KickStarter has raised over $3 Billion Dollars for a variety of exciting campaigns.  If you are thinking about starting a campaign, or contributing to one, here’s what you need to know. BACKING A COMPANY NOT A PRODUCT  The least understood aspect of KickStarter is that you are backing a company, not a product. As a … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons People Invest in JUDOBABY Inc.

JUDOBABY has embarked upon it’s first Equity Crowdfunding campaign.  But Judobaby is not new to investing, &, raised over $4 Million during it’s humble beginnings from over 250 wonderful investors.  Here are the top 5 reasons people invest in Judobaby Inc.  For a limited time, join our family of investors at: 1. Positive Impact Company:  Some folks … Continue reading

The POWER of EQUITY Crowdfunding

JUDOBABY is a big believer in the broad social and economic benefits of equity crowdfunding.   Prior to the May 2016 enactment of the JOBS ACT, SEC rules prevented citizens with less than $1M net worth from investing in private companies that could potentially yield the greatest return on investment.  In contrast, the JOBS ACT … Continue reading


The press release reads “JUDOBABY Partners with NFL Superstar Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’ Lynch to Equity Crowdfund Virtual Reality game ‘Dino-Dogs Football.’”  So what is “Dino-Dogs Football??”  It’s a virtualized genetic blending of Dinosaurs & Dogs, and, the sequel to JERRY RICE & NITUS’ DOG FOOTBALL.   As Daniel Brown from the San Jose Mercury News writes, … Continue reading

JudoBaby Mission – Achieve Higher Principles

Unscripted conversation provides a representation of the JudoBaby philosophy regarding game design and kids. TRANSCRIPTED … JudoBaby — HITE!! Dan: We like that Judo in it’s highest form represents healing. We can utilize it as a tool so it’s really about making a better world ultimately. JC: I’m a martial artist myself. The concept nowadays is basically … Continue reading

Holistic Social Development – “Dealing With The Clown”

“We all deal with Clowns in different ways.  Clowns can be scary, funny, and anywhere in between.  But how do we deal with Clowns as a family?  It’s amazing how powerful a simple social moment can be…”  –  Dan I think Lynne Griffin, R.N., M.Ed.put it very well by saying “Encouraging healthy boy/girl friendships is … Continue reading


  “This was a VERY exciting time for the company!!!  So much opportunity!!!”  – Dan LUCK Thanks to overwhelming investor response to the game and corporate strategy, Judobaby shareholders, now numbering over 200 to date, have provided more than $4.2M in private investment capital to open studio, purchase equipment, hire required staff, develop the first … Continue reading


PREPARATION With $350k from the sale of residence, Dan began developing, focus testing, and previewing a number of never-been-seen-before game concepts with industry veterans and consumers at large resulting in an overwhelmingly positive response to the notion of dogs playing football and, whereupon, he began developing a comprehensive design document and production schedule for what … Continue reading