So many amazing and fun things have happened since starting Judobaby.  One of my favorites was the JUDOBABY ORCHESTRA!  Given that our first game would incorporate a well-to-do socialite, Madison, and an Eskimo girl (Naqi, actually from a Yupik tribe), we felt we would need a symphonic piece and an orchestral piece to fit theses characters and their environments.  But… for a small company, with a small budget, how does one go about this????  It would take a miracle!  🙂

Around the Judobaby farm, we say, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, providing the ground work for miracles.”  – Judobaby co-founder Vern Justus.    So, as luck would have it, one of our investors has a friend whom wanted to talk with us about fund-raising.  The gentleman has a fantastic vision for getting today’s youth interested in symphonies and orchestra by incorporating technology.  We gave our thoughts on fund-raising, and in return, the gentleman, whom was in college at the time majoring in music, offered to write our symphony and orchestra pieces for the game, FOR FREE!!!   Now, THAT’s a great price for a startup!  And the quality was fantastic… in fact, the gentleman in question, John Spagnola, whom at the time of writing has moved on to big time Hollywood movie composing and is the Exec. Post production supervision, composer at Bishop-Lyons Entertainment.  🙂

Okay!  So now we have full original Scores for two game characters.  Next up is assembling and recording the orchestra while trying to make the game and run the company!  As further luck would have it, a nice lady (Sarah Johnson) at a favorite snacky spot close to home, John Campbell’s Irish Bakery, happened to work with CMC music school where most of the teachers were from the San Francisco Symphony!  She helped me contact the players we needed, and they in turn new other players, such that we ended up with 27 top players, including the timpani player from the Star Wars theme song!  These folks new we were on a limited budget, so, they came to rehearse / record all at the same time, for very little pay (the cuts for the game are all one take and worked out great!).  In fact, many did so for free, just to be a part of a great family friendly Wii game!

The last piece was recording the dang thing… there is a great studio, The Annex, in Menlo Park, CA (close to the Judobaby office), where they had a huge room to record the whole thing.  AND, on of our investors happens to be Audio legend Fred Catero, whom engineered the session assisted by Justine MilburnPaul Bostwick, the band director at Los Gatos High School, and the Tuba player in the Toot Sweet Jazz Band (where I’m the drummer, my Dad is the piano player, and the band did the music for Flea-Boin Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football) conducted.

Not 0nly were we on a budget, but on a tight deadline!  We managed to go from Scores-in-writing to music-in-game within a few months, and, wherein, we found the orchestra players and got the recording done in a matter of weeks!  All told, another JUDOBABY MIRACLE!!!

Team Shout

Producer gets in on it... oh no... 🙂

Fred takes charge


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