With $350k from the sale of residence, Dan began developing, focus testing, and previewing a number of never-been-seen-before game concepts with industry veterans and consumers at large resulting in an overwhelmingly positive response to the notion of dogs playing football and, whereupon, he began developing a comprehensive design document and production schedule for what would ultimately become known as Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football.

Game Concept

Focus Test Results

Thereafter, to support said design document, Dan called upon industry colleagues, including some former employees of Disney and Pixar, to develop cost effective 2-dimensional game characters, props, environments, and storyboards, and, wherein, based on resulting positive response from both consumers and industry insiders, a 3D video build-out was  produced to further clarify the marketability of Dog football, and, whereupon, said 3D video subsequently proved to be a smash hit with male and female audiences of all ages.

With a now proven, family friendly, mass-market game concept, the next challenge was to acquire talent, purchase equipment, and open a studio to begin production of Dog Football.

In contrast to the traditional approach of funding the cost of game development wherein developers secure financial requirements from well capitalized game publishers, and, therein, not only receive limited royalties, but suffer the loss of their intellectual property, Judobaby constructed a uniquely strategic plan to fund development and retain ownership of its valuable intellectual properties through the use of private investment capital.

Investment Checks

Stock Certificates – Round 2

Signed With Love


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