Discussing The Movie Tie-In

This was a VERY exciting time for the company!!!  So much opportunity!!!”  – Dan


Thanks to overwhelming investor response to the game and corporate strategy, Judobaby shareholders, now numbering over 200 to date, have provided more than $4.2M in private investment capital to open studio, purchase equipment, hire required staff, develop the first in a series of games under the company’s Pet Sports League brand (e.g. Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football), acquire Nintendo Publishing license, obtain over six other game properties produced by affiliated developers for the Nintendo and PC platforms, and  secure veteran publishing and sales staff enabling the company to initiate its comprehensive marketing, promotion, and sales plan, thereby taking full advantage of said opportunity within the expanding U.S. $20B+ video game industry.


As an affirmation of the strength and viability of Judobaby’s original concept of combining pets and sports, analyst Michael Klotz of the NPD Group, the leading provider of reliable and comprehensive consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries, confirmed the company’s cutting edge strategy in 2009 stating “the best chance for future retail success is to be first to market with an innovative blend of known game genres on the Nintendo Wii,” and, whereupon Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football not only combines known game genres but uniquely blends the most popular U.S. pet, dogs, and America’s #1 choice in sports entertainment, football, resulting in a never-before-seen (e.g. “first-to-market”) product in the game industry.

To further illustrate the potential of Judobaby’s direction,  a (top 10 game publisher) VP noted that Judobaby’s Pet Sports League has the makings of a multi-billion dollar property that can extend to all forms of entertainment including comic books, cartoons, movies, merchandising, and theme park rides.  And, as Duwayne Dunham, top grossing film director for Disney remarked, “Walt Disney said it takes three things to make a successful film, and I know it’s in your game Dan because that’s why I got in with you guys… Personality, Personality, Personality.”

Duwayne & Dan Discuss the Movie Tie-In

Duwayne Explains How Dog Football & Walt Disney Theory Align!

COP DOGS @ The Mastiffpiece Theater

COP DOGS Plays At The Theater in the Mall Level of Dog Football!  Notice the posters out front!  🙂

Click on the picture below to learn more about the incredible Alan Krugel (the REAL “Dog Whisperer” who trained Cesar, and, is Duwayne’s Partner For COP DOGS) and his amazing books!  True stories of real hero’s, both human and dog!


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