JudoBaby Mission – Achieve Higher Principles

Unscripted conversation provides a representation of the JudoBaby philosophy regarding game design and kids.


JudoBaby — HITE!!

Dan: We like that Judo in it’s highest form represents healing. We can utilize it as a tool so it’s really about making a better world ultimately.

JC: I’m a martial artist myself. The concept nowadays is basically a lot of people think it’s about violence. It’s weapons and you fight –None of that. The way I present it to the kids is think of carrying an invisible belt. If you need responsibility you pull it out, it will be with you. If you need respect, you pull it out, it will be with you. If you need to push hard and be honest it’s right there with you. It’s something that you carry throughout life, whether you’re in school or in sports, once you mature up and you get a job …

JudoBaby — HITE!! HITE!! HITE!! HITE!! HITE!!

JC: For the kids I think it’s a great starting point. Install the right key ingredients for them, more than likely it’s going to resonate at some point in their lives and they’re going to be good citizens.

DAN: Kids pickup video games so early – whether it be on a phone, pad, PC, or game console. If the product that kids are engaging with employ those methods. It’s a huge WIN!!!

Music by John Moraski. Video produced by John Moraski and Dan Mueller of Judobaby. Thanks to YMCA Youth Sports Director / Martial arts teacher JC Guzman.

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